Kuranda in English

Kuranda is a mountain retreat village situated 25km northwest of Cairns in Far North. It is surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest.

  • How you can get there?

Either by train or by sky rail  or by car.

We took the advice of Trinity Beach hotel manager, Ian, going up in the morning with Kuranda Scenic Railway when the sun was shining from behind and we could enjoy the landscape and returned in the afternoon with Kuranda Skyrail.

  • How to spend your time here?

You may walk in the World Heritage Rainforest or visit the world-famous Kuranda Markets

Wild life is also present here. You may take advantage of such wild life by enjoying some spectacular bird watching or the amazing world of butterflies.

The village has been home  of Djabugay Aboriginal people for more than 10,000 years. Therefore, watching an Aboriginal cultural performance is a real option here.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

This old train is leaving from Carins but stops on the way at Freshwaters station. In Cairns, the train station is behind Cairns’ mall. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs around 50 dollars.

A few words about its history. Around 1880 the miners of Herberton were unable to get supplies due to flooding and a route to civilization was desperately needed .The line which was to be built-in three stages using dynamite and bare hands. Shortly after in June of 1891 the line was open for everyone to enjoy.

On the way up to Kuranda, the train passes trough many tunnels. It dates back to 19 century and its speed is not very high allowing you to enjoy the views.




Waterfall on the way


The station before Kuranda station


Kuranda station


Around the village





Kuranda Markets





A real tropical rain started a some point. It was amazing, both the rain and the air.




As I told you before, we returned to the sea line via Skyrail. Flying over the rain forest is amazing. The rain forest trees are very tall and this skyrail was the tallest  I ever encounter. It very long also. A full journey takes about 45 minutes without stops. Halfway down you anyway  stop  and you have the choice to directly continue your decesendence or you may take a few minutes to walk around in the forest.

We took just a couple of minutes due to rain. The forest is again amazing.


First station of the Skyrail





The landing is both for Skyrail and for my stories about Australia. The last one will be the wrap up.

Hugs and kisses  for you and for Australia. Until we see each other again….


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